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Kiss My DS

Kiss My DS
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1. All entries must pertain to the nintendo ds. This includes: video games, the system itself, news regarding the ds, etc.
2. You may SELL your gaming items through this community. However, kissmyds is not responsible for any fraud involved during the transaction agreement.
3. NO ADVERTISING unless the ad is in regards to a video game community.
4. Don't be afraid to post! Have fun! Everyone is in this community because they want to know more about other DS owners. Share your experiences, ask questions, and don't be afraid to post. We want to hear from you!

1. Challenges! This community will either put together challenges for its members to get together in one HUGE tournament involving a specific video game for the DS. The Moderator can host them, or other unofficial community tournaments can be held by the members.
2. Pictures of your DS, portable game collection, or you and your friends with your DS's! Yes, we enjoy seeing these things. It's nice to know that other people are as nintendo-happy as we are. :) After all, that's why you're in this community, right?
3. Questions! Have a question about a game your playing? Or is something just not going right? Ask here!
4. TIPS, HINTS, and TRICKS! DS Masters, gather near! Care to share your secrets with the rest of the world? Go on! We're all listening.
5. Friends Codes. Have a game, but don't have any friends to add to it? Post your friend code.
6. Game Reviews. Have you recently beaten a game? Are you anxious to tell everyone what you thought of it? Tell us here! Let the other members know what they're getting into before they either make the worst purchase of their lives, or invest in something TERRIFIC!